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December 1, 2023
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Designed for busy adult learners, our career certificate programs help you develop skills and build a portfolio of art/design work. You can complete a program studying entirely online, getting feedback from a faculty of professional working designers. It’s the most flexible way to kick start to your career in the visual arts.

In each major, you can select a Professional Certificate program completed in nine (9) months or less. If you already have experience, up to 50% of course hours can be customized, and it’s easy to add concentrations to your program.

Graphic Design

Learn the software programs that every graphic designer needs to know: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Students discover how to produce digital images, illustrations, and page layouts, addressing concepts of color, typography, and composition. Class assignments involve hands-on photo editing, logo design, poster design, magazine design, and more.

Professional Certificate|Concentrations

Web Design

Build proficiency in the technologies that Web design clients and employers demand. Students explore the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, learning visual design techniques to make their work stand out. Students focus on how to create page layouts for standards-compliant Web sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap, designing sites that are functional and attractive.

Professional Certificate|Concentrations

Multimedia Arts

Build proficiency in software programs for creating digital art, movies, and animations, acquiring professional techniques for video production and editing. Students will learn how to create and edit effective movies and motion graphics for the Web and beyond.

Professional Certificate|Concentrations

Digital Arts

Develop a foundation in the technical and creative skills for digital art and illustration. Students explore the intricacies of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, building their understanding of color and composition through projects in traditional drawing and vector illustration.

Professional Certificate|Concentrations

Marketing Design

Develop skills in the in-demand software that most marketing designers needs to know: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Students build a skill set in digital image preparation and vector illustration while applying foundation design concepts in color, typography, and identity design.

Professional Certificate|Concentrations

Fine Arts

Gain a foundation in art theory and artistic technique. Students enjoy a wide-ranging training in drawing and painting that instils a rigorous, traditional approach to representing still life and human figure subjects with attention to critical concepts of line, mass, form, perspective, value, and composition.


Program Features At a Glance

Kick Start Your Creative Career

Advance your career in a flexible 9-month program.


Study With The Pros

Get expert feedback on your art and design work.

Grow Your Portfolio

Enhance your portfolio with creative projects.


Flexible, Self-Paced Program

Study at your own pace – no weekly deadlines!


Affordable payment plans help you fund your education.


Enroll Today, Start Tomorrow

Get creative now with open enrollment and monthly class starts.


我们的职业证书课程是负担得起的途易tion and offer a range of ways to finance your education. The Professional Certificate provides a cutting-edge, self-paced online program that can cost less than community college. You can customize a program based on your experience and learning goals and easily add areas of professional concentration.

Sessions College programs are flexible and affordable. There are no textbooks required; tuition costs include all digital materials.

Tuition and Fees Professional Certificate Professional Certificate PLUS
Tuition $2,550 $3,550
Registration Fee $200 $200
Total Cost $2,750 $3,750

全额支付折扣:Total cost is $2,700 (regularly $2,750) for Professional Certificate students who pay in full. Total cost for Professional Certificate PLUS students who pay in full is $3,700 (regularly $3,750).

Enrollment in any certificate program requires a $200 registration fee (non-refundable after 5 days of enrollment in the program). All tuition and fees must be paid on time, including those paid by third parties.

All program tuition and fees are fixed and any enrollment benefits are offered for a limited time and available to all students during that time. All tuition includes a digital materials fee. Sessions College reserves the right to change its tuition and fees as necessary at any time.

Students can pay tuition in full or by payment plan. Program extensions are managed on by auto bill on a monthly basis until a program is completed or cancelled.

Students who have completed a Professional Certificate may enroll in additional Concentrations at any time. Each Concentration is a 180-hour program completed in 3 months. Effective Dec 1, 2021, the tuition for Concentration programs is follows:

Tuition $1,300
Registration Fee $200
Total Course Price $1,500

The Enrollment Agreement for a Sessions College certificate program provides a guarantee of service for the duration of the student’s program.

专业证书项目 9 months (39 weeks)
Professional Certificate PLUS 12 months (52 weeks)
Concentration 3 months (13 weeks)

After the expiration of the above time periods, the enrollment agreement is void. Students who reach their program end date and need more time can continue their enrollment for up to 6 additional months at a rate of $50/month, provided they have completed Level I of the Professional Certificate program.


Prefer not to pay your entire tuition up front? Sessions College offers a monthly payment plan for vocational certificate programs. Payment plans help you afford your education with a low up front payment and low monthly payments. Benefits of using a payment plan include:

  • Reasonable monthly payments
  • No credit check
  • No interest charged
  • Nominal administrative fee
  • Bi-weekly payments available
View Institutional Payment Plan

Available payment plans for career programs are as follows:

Professional Certificate Professional Certificate PLUS
Duration 9 Months 12 Months
Tuition and Fees $2,500 $3,500
Registration Fee
$200 $200
Total Tuition and Fees $2,700 $3,700
Number of Monthly Payments 11 13
Monthly Payment * $250 $288
* Includes Service Charge.

Tuition Assistance

Depending on your eligibility, you may be able to finance your vocational program in one of the following ways. Ask an Admissions Advisor for more information.

Employer Assistance

More and more companies offer employer tuition assistance programs.

Sallie Mae Loans

Smart Option Student Loans save money, build your credit, and pay off students loan faster.

Workforce Investment Act

WIA provides Federal job training funds for adults, dislocated workers, and youth.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Software and Supplies Do I Need?

Students are responsible for access to a computer, Internet connection, and any required supplies or software programs for specific classes. Software discounts for Adobe Creative Cloud are available for enrolled students. Some programs will require additional art supplies, such as a digital camera, video camera, or drawing/painting supplies.

Please check program pages for information on specific requirements:
Graphic Design,Web Design,Multimedia Arts,Digital Arts,Marketing Design,Fine Arts.

Do I Need to Purchase Textbooks?

Welcome to the digital age, where no textbooks are required. All coursework and materials required to complete vocational programs are provided in an online learning environment, including orientation materials, lectures, exercises, discussion forums, videos, and multimedia tools.

How Long Does the Program Take To Complete?
Program Level Time to Complete
Professional Certificate 9 month program
Professional Certificate PLUS 12 month program
Concentration 3 month program
When Can I Start?

With classes starting every month, you can start learning right away. As soon as you complete registration, you’ll get access to Orientation and your classes within a business day.

Can I Customize my Program?

Already have some industry and/or software experience? You can customize up to 50% of your program (180 hours) by choosing alternate courses. See program pages or ask and Advisor for more information.

How Do I Apply?

Our Career Certificate programs have an open admissions policy. To enter the program you are expected to have earned a high school diploma, GED, or state-approved home school equivalent. Any students under 18 years of age will also need to provide the signed permission of a parent or guardian.

We have a convenient and student-friendly online application process. You can begin your creative journey by completing ouronline applicationtoday. There is no charge and no obligation to enroll.

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