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Art Certificate Programs

Fine Arts Certificate

Expand your drawing, painting, and photography skills

  • Art:Explore drawing, painting, and photography
  • Technique:Learn traditional art techniques
  • Build a foundation in art-making


    What You’ll Learn

  • Learn painting, drawing, and photography studying entirely online.
  • Follow a rigorous, traditional approach to representing still life and human subjects.
  • Explore critical concepts of line, mass, form, perspective, value, color, and composition.
  • Enrich your vocabulary in the visual arts.
  • Gain feedback on your work from trained artists.

    • Online.Study 100% online from anywhere with 24/7 access to classes.
    • Self-paced.Complete your program on your own time in 9 months or less.
    • Industry Relevant.Develop in-demand skills for your creative field.
    • Expert Instructors.Receive feedback on your work from industry pros.
    • Customize.Customize your program withadded courses and concentrations.


    Study at your own pace

    Study at your own pace

    Learn by doing

    Learn by doing

    Connect with pros

    Connect with pros

    grow your portfolio

    Grow your portfolio



    Designed for the busy adult learner, the Certificate in Fine Arts is a 360 clock hour program completed in nine months or less studying part time.

    Level 1

    Level 2


    4803 Intro to Visual Arts

    Develop an understanding of the visual arts by exploring your own artistic creativity. You'll explore paintings, sculptures, experimental pieces, and more, learning to critique their composition and decode their social or political purpose. You'll be introduced to the elements that make up a visual message and build a vocabulary of fundamental terms and compositional techniques.Learn more

    4018 Intro To Drawing

    Learn how to draw with proper techniques, learning how to represent what they see through studies in contour drawing, perspective, positive/negative space, and value. As you progress through this class, you will develop a better understanding of the forms you are observing and become more skillful in representing those forms.Learn more

    4800 History of Art

    Build a foundation in art history and gain a deep understanding of art and the artists who create it. Explore profound themes that have concerned artists for centuries: nature, the human body, society, religion, and politics. Through engaging lectures and projects, you’ll learn how to identify the mediums, materials, and techniques artists use and discuss the styles of important artists, art movements, and historical periods from antiquity through the mid-20th century.Learn more

    4501 Drawing I

    学习如何分析世界上你所看到的around you and communicate it on paper. Through hands-on projects, and guided by a professional artist, you will explore the critical concepts of line, mass, form, perspective, value, and composition, building a solid foundation for all your art and design work.Learn more

    7002 Digital Photography I

    Explore the interaction of photography techniques and environmental factors to create powerful digital images. Students learn the fundamentals of lighting, perspective, and set up and explore techniques for classic assignments: portraits, product shots, indoor and outdoor location shoots, and fast-action sports. Whether you’re a fine artist, graphic designer, or Web developer, a mastery of digital photography gives you creative control of the medium.Learn more

    4502 Figure Drawing

    Follow traditional methods to learn the standard measures and proportions artists use to achieve naturalistic and expressive figure drawings. Illustrations and activities guide students through the structure of the human skeleton and help them understand how the body’s anatomy shapes its external form. The course builds progressively from the fundamentals to the challenges of portraiture, three-dimensional form, composition, and expression.Learn more

    4700 Painting I

    后彻底取向画家的伴侣rials (paint, canvas, brushes, and solvents), students study a systematic and time-honored approach to painting that enables them to capture proportion, perspective, and lighting. Students learn how to build a foundation with preparatory sketches and underpainting, then gain control over value through monochromatic painting and color studies.Learn more


    This program is adaptable to a wide range of experience levels. Choose the option(s) below that best meet your learning goals.

    Option 1


    New to the field? Simply complete all required courses in the certificate program.

    Option 2


    Already have some industry and/or software experience?Customize up to 50% of your programChoose from courses inGraphic Design, Software, Motion & Video, and moreby choosing alternate courses.

    Option 3


    Need more training? After you've completed your program,add concentrations at reduced tuitionChoose from concentrations inGraphic Design, Digital Photography, Illustration, and moreto enhance your creative skills.


    Program Outcomes

    By completing the program, Certificate in Fine Arts students develop the following competencies:

    1. Drawing

    Draw utilizing traditional media and classic techniques, demonstrating a command of proportion, perspective, value contrast, and the human figure.

    2. Painting

    Paint utilizing traditional media and classic techniques, demonstrating a command of proportion, perspective, value contrast, and the human figure.

    3. Photography

    Demonstrate effective and efficient use of a digital camera to create photographs applying well considered framing, exposure, composition, perspective, distance, and lighting.

    4. Art/Design Principles

    Demonstrate the ability to produce visually compelling artwork by applying knowledge of color and composition.

    Sessions Student Work

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    what students say

    Sessions College provided exactly what I was looking for. They were willing to help me even though I wasn’t an “artist” with a portfolio. I wanted to better educate myself in the fine arts and learn the basics of drawing and painting. Sessions College is doing that for me. I have also been able to travel and take my studies with me. I really like that I can go online anytime and work on one of my courses!

    Joell Restad

    Certificate in Fine Arts,Class of 2023


    Taz Tally Dr. Taz Tallyis an industry-leading expert in digital imaging and pre-press techniques.
    Jordon Schranz Jordon Schranzis an audio/visual artist and designer.
    Fiorella headshot Fiorella Shalatis a sculptor, textile artist, and art educator.


    得到专家授课的反馈我们的印度河try-leading faculty.

    Instructor Biography Degree(s) Earned
    Bruce Bicknell

    Bruce Bicknell is a writer, instructor, illustrator, animator, Web designer, video editor, marketing pro, and graphic designer based in Tampa, Florida. Bruce has worked on projects for Adobe Systems, ATI, Photoshop Elements Techniques, MacTribe, Yellow Machine, and Mac Design.

    • Associate's of Science in Web Design and Computer Animation, International Academy of Design and Technology
    Fiorella headshot

    Fiorella Shalat is an artist and educator with expertise in commercial still life, microscope photography, and creative darkroom techniques.

    • M.Arch, CUNY City College of New York
    • BS in Art Education, CUNY City College of New York
    Jordon Schranz

    Jordon Schranz is an audio/visual artist and designer whose work has been exhibited internationally in New York, Chicago, El Paso, Berlin, Bogotá, and Ciudad Juárez.

    • MFA in Combined Media, City University of New York
    • BFA in Painting, Maryland Institute College of Art

    Kevin Hedgpeth is an Arizona native who makes his home in Phoenix, where he actively writes and illustrates in addition to teaching college-level visual arts courses. He is co-author and illustrator of several published books.

    • BA in Studio Art at Arizona State University, AZ
    Piper Nilsson Faculty profile image

    Piper Nilsson is a graphic/Web designer and educator. Piper has been working with the Web since 1997, working in various roles as a designer, programmer, and information architect, Piper blueprinted sites for such global clients as MetLife, Pepsi, ETS, and Citibank.

    • AOS in Graphic Design, Pratt, NY
    Taz Tally

    Dr. Taz Tally is the president of Taz Tally Seminars and Taz Tally Photography and author of numerous graphics and print production books and instructional videos, CDs, DVDs and online training courses on scanning, prepress and printing, Photoshop, and color correction.

    • PhD in Geology, University of California Santa Barbara, CA

    Viewall faculty.

    Job Facts

    You want to know you can find employment after taking art classes. What does the career landscape look like?

    Facts are sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. For more information about fine arts careers, the art community and grants visit:American Craft Council,National Assembly of State Arts Agencies,The Association of Medical Illustrators, andThe National Endowment for the Arts.


    Median income for Fine Artists in May of 2017 was $49,160 per year, 30.4% higher than median for all workers.


    Employment of Fine Artists is projected to grow 6% from 2016 to 2026, as fast as the national average for all occupations.


    Our Fine Arts Certificate online application process makes getting started easy, fast, and convenient.

    What's the Admissions Process?
    Open Admissions.

    The Professional Certificate is open admissions, with classes starting each month. To apply for the program, simply complete our free, no-obligation application and select your program options. Applicants are expected to have graduated high school.

    How Long is the Program?
    Nine Month Program.

    The program can be completed in nine months studying on a part time schedule. Since you study at your pace, you may complete it sooner! If you need more time to complete, there is a painless extension policy for an additional 6 months of access for students who qualify based on academic progress.

    Will the Program Fit My Schedule?

    There are no set login times, so you can complete your program at your own pace in our most flexible program. A designated Student Advisor will track your progress from class to class, providing you support and motivation.

    What Software or Supplies Do I Need?

    To take this program, you’ll need the following:

    • Mac or Windows computer with an Internet connection.
    • Basic drawing and painting supplies including pencils, paper, oil paints. Full supplies list provided in class.
    • A digital camera, adjustable ISO and adjustable white balance features recommended
    • A digital imaging application such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom recommended.
    • Your computer must meet any software manufacturer requirements.

    There are no textbook or course material costs to participate in this online program. Student discount on Adobe Creative Cloud software is available to enrolled students.

    What are the Program Costs?

    Sessions College programs are flexible and affordable. There are no textbooks required; tuition costs include all digital materials.

    Tuition and Fees Professional Certificate Professional Certificate PLUS
    Tuition $2,550 $3,550
    Registration Fee $200 $200
    Total Cost $2,750 $3,750

    Paid in Full Discount:Total cost is $2,700 (regularly $2,750) for Professional Certificate students who pay in full. Total cost for Professional Certificate PLUS students who pay in full is $3,700 (regularly $3,750).

    Enrollment in any certificate program requires a $200 registration fee (non-refundable after 5 days of enrollment in the program). All tuition and fees must be paid on time, including those paid by third parties.

    Can I Use a Payment Plan?

    Most definitely. Affording your education is easier with our Payment Plan.

    1. Pay for your Professional Certificate with 11 monthly payments of $250, or pay for your Professional Certificate PLUS with 13 monthly payments of $288.
    2. Once you’ve set up your plan, your payments are automatic.
    3. Your first payment which includes a $200 Registration Fee.

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