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January 1, 2024.
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At Sessions College, we recognize that learning doesn’t begin in our online classrooms. Our students come to us with diverse learning experiences, ranging from traditional college credits, to other kinds of training, to work and life experiences that can be equivalent to college learning.

Our goal at Sessions College is to make your prior learning count. Our Admissions and Education team are dedicated to delivering an efficient, customer friendly transfer credit evaluation process for our Bachelor’s Degree, Associate Degree, and Undergraduate Certificate programs.

Through credit evaluation, you can get credit for prior education or experience, lower your tuition costs, and accelerate your program.


Do you have courses completed at other colleges? When you apply to a degree program at Sessions College (Bachelor of Fine Arts or Associate Degree) academic credit transfer evaluation is included in your application fee.

Our qualified team will evaluate your transcripts from other colleges along with other components of your application.

Credit Transfer Policy

Credits will be accepted for college-level courses:

  • Taken at other accredited institutions of higher education.
  • Comparable in level and subject matter to Sessions College degree level courses.
  • In which the student earned a “C” grade or higher.
  • Which are validated by providing an official transcript.
How Many Credits Can Transfer?

A maximum of 50% of transfer credits from other institutions can be accepted into any degree level program.

The maximum academic credit awarded is:

  • Bachelor’s Degree – 60 credits
  • Associate Degree – 36 credits
  • Undergraduate Certificate – 12 credits
How Is Credit Transfer Calculated?

Our dedicated team will typically process your credit transfer evaluation within a week of a completed application, so you can decide on your next steps.

All credit transfer decisions are at the discretion of the Sessions College Acceptance Committee and made prior to enrollment. All credit transfer requests are based on official transcripts and evaluated on an individual basis.

我可以赚Credit for AP or CLEP Exams?

Yes. We encourage the submission of proficiency exams that are equivalent to college credit such as AP or CLEP.

  • AP Exams. Students who received a score of 3 or above on high school AP English, Art History, or Psychology exams may receive credit for specific general education requirements.
  • CLEP exams. Scores in English and Psychology may also be considered for credit.

Official AP and/or CLEP scores must be submitted to Sessions College prior to the registration deadline.

What if my transcripts are from outside the U.S.?

Any transcripts not created in English (such as at non-U.S. Institutions) must be translated by a competent third party service at the applicant’s expense. The applicant must provide both the transcript and the translation.

What About Undergraduate Certificate Programs?

We can do that too. Any student wishing to transfer credit into the Undergraduate Certificate must provide transcripts and a $75 transfer evaluation fee. Credit transfer will be evaluated on the same basis as the general policies above.

Will My Credits Transfer to Other Schools?

Some students may consider further academic study after completing their Sessions College degrees courses or programs.

While Sessions College is an accredited school, credit transfer is not guaranteed. The acceptance of earned credits is determined by the receiving institution.

If credit transfer is important to you, you should always check with the college or university that you wish to transfer your credits to before you enroll.


Sessions College supports the credit transfer policies defined by the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) and the SOC Military Student Bill of Rights. With active servicemembers and veterans, we request transcripts from all prior institutions, including military training, traditional college coursework and career training. Our goal is to maximize the recognition of any equivalent prior education or training.


Looking to turn your Sessions College career certificate credential into a degree?

The Sessions College Academic bridge program enables graduates of Sessions College Professional Certificate programs to apply up to 24 credits towards a Bachelor’s Degree or Associate Degree program, and up to 12 credits towards an Undergraduate Certificate program.

Who is eligible?

In order to be eligible for the bridge program, you need to have graduated a Sessions College Career Certificate program with a start date since January 1, 2016. Your grades and portfolio of work must be outstanding and meet the standards expected of degree level students. Applications will be evaluated on an individual basis.

  • 应用24学分from your Career Certificate to a Bachelor’s Degree or Associate Degree, or up to 12 credits to an Undergraduate Certificate.
  • Students with prior college credits (such as General Education courses) may be able to combine academic and Bridge Program credit.
  • Put together your 5-10 work samples from prior Sessions College work. A strong academic track record will be an asset to your application.
  • You can apply for ourBridge Program Scholarship.
  • Complete your education and earn a degree in our scheduled courses, with rigorous projects, discussions, critiques, portfolio reviews, and more.

Did you know? Sessions College offers aBridge Program scholarship.


Now available for new degree program students applying for 2023 classes!

Sessions College now offers a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program that enables prospective students with evidence of college-level skills or knowledge to have their skills and experience evaluated for credit towards a degree.

Evidence of prior learning is evaluated by qualified experts and awarded when the evidence of skills or knowledge provided meets or exceeds the competencies defined for selected Sessions College courses. Students awarded credits through the PLA program may lower their program costs and earn their degree more quickly.

Learn more about Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).